Thanks to all our funding partners and supporters.
The work we do would not be possible without the financial, material, and moral support of our funding partners. Since 2003, grants from Northern Rivers CMA, Federal Government Envirofund and Caring for our Country have reached nearly $750,000! In addition, the value of our volunteer hours has reached nearly $1,000,000. These sums are significant, and commensurate with the fact that we now cover 15km or 1.5%, of the NSW Coastline. This money funds bush regeneration contractors, provides materials and tools, and brings significant financial input to the area.

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The NSW Government Environmental Trust (EnviroTrust) is a major new long-term supporter of SWRDC. They have recently approved two significant grants to SWRDC, which will provide continuity and certainty for the next years. Thank you NSW Environmental Trust!

  • A three-year Grant for $99,450 runs from 1st July 2015, and will be applied to "Restoration of two fragmented littoral rainforest communities at South-West Rocks."

  • A three-year Grant for $98,650 runs from 1st July 2012, and will be applied to "restoring 50ha of dune system and doing follow-up weed control at SWR".
    "Smoky Cape to the Macleay River is an 800ha, 12km critical wildlife corridor. Back Beach (65ha) is the final major weed infestation yet to receive primary weed control. Removing Bitou Bush and Lantana, Weeds of National Significance, plus other highly invasive weeds will restore this section of the degraded environmental corridor. Natural regeneration beneath the existing Tuckeroo canopy will lead to the re-establishment of the endangered ecological community, Littoral Rainforest, which occurred on this site prior to disturbance, and occurs on the adjacent island and dunes. Targeted weed removal across the entire corridor will prevent future environmental degradation by weeds

  • A six-year grant for $249,000, again from 1st July 2012, will be used to "enhance resilience of 12km of coastal Endangered Environmental Communities from Smoky Cape to SWR".
    "This project expands and cements the strategic weed management started by SWRDC in 2001 into a fully integrated multi-land-tenure project covering 600Ha over 12km of coast. It brings together ad-hoc projects undertaken by land managers and volunteers including indigenous and school groups in the area, facilitating work in partnership under the umbrella of the SWRDC Weed Plan. This Plan provides clear strategies for restoring endangered ecological communities, Littoral Rainforest and Themeda Grasslands and enhances the resilience of the entire area. Stabilisation of dunes in the face of potential coastal erosion will be of major benefit for protecting infrastructure."

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EnviroFund. Envirofund was created in April 2002 as the local action component of the Natural Heritage Trust. It disbursed grants of $135m over ten rounds of funding.

As detailed below, SWRDC was fortunate to receive over $130,000 in cash grants from Envirofund over a six-year period. Grants were of usually of 18 months duration. In addition over this period there were significant "in kind" contributions, mainly of materials and labour from NPWS.

Envirofund was replaced in June 2008, by "Caring for Country". Although the Envirofund website is no longer maintained, it is available as an archive at Details of the grants can be found there.

  • From 2007 to 2012. In-kind support to the value of $23,000.

  • December 2007 to June 2009. Round 10, Project 65019. $33,600 for Restoration of Threatened Ecological Communities at Smoky Cape.

  • November 2007 to May 2009. Round9, Project 64145. $17,600 for Upper Catchment control on Eastern side of Smoky Cape.

  • March 2007 to September 08. Round 8, Project 58296. $22,375 for Habitat Restoration by Weed Removal around SWR.

  • May 2005 to October 2006. Round 6, Project 52006. $30,000 granted.

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Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority is a NSW government organisation that supports the maintenance and restoration of natural resources through education, training, and by providing grants and subsidies for catchment activities. SWRDC grants received from NRCMA are:-

  • May 2011 to May 2012. Project OC11-00370. $5,000 for Weed Control around Littoral Rainforest at Smoky Cape.

  • February 2010 to September 2011. Project NR-09-10-BG-C2. $86,075 for Regeneration of the Coastal Strip from Smoky Cape to South-West Rocks.

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Caring for our Country was created in June 2008, and replaced the National Heritage Trust. It provides funds to National Resource Management and Landcare groups, and through them to smaller local organisations such as SWRDC.

  • June 2009 to Dec 2010. Project CC081822. $44,055 for Restoration of Fire-Affected Threatened Ecological Communities around Hat Head National Park.

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Office of Environment and Heritage - OEH - (previously National Parks and Wildlife) has been a great SWRDC supporter. In addition to cash grants, they have provided us with strong in-kind support through provision of contractors for all "Bitou Bashes", OH&S and bush regeneration instruction, provision of chemicals and equipment, donations towards BBQs and morning teas, advice and support for grant applications, and provision of a botanist to help monitor grants.
NPWS and SWRDC have collaboratively developed monitoring and evaluation ("M&E") plans for the EnviroTrust grants. NPWS are providing the monitoring of these grants, which is a significant in-kind contribution.

The NPWS regular Wednesday Working Group and SWRDC members often co-operate in working in the Arakoon conservation area around Trial Bay Gaol.

  • 2009 to 2010. $5000 for remediation at Front Beach.

  • 2010 to 2011. $5000 for remediation at Front Beach.

  • Period to 2011. $10,000 contribution for preparation of ten-year SWRDC Weed Action Plan.

  • 2014. $2750 for botanist to monitor quadrats.

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Landcare has assisted us with grant applications, provided meeting venues, and nominated us for the Landcare Awards 2011, in which we won the Regional, State, and then the National Coastcare awards! 

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Kempsey Shire Council have supplied herbicide and spraying equipment for work along Main Beach, and have recently contributed $2000 of contractor work along the Back Beach area that is under the Council's control.
SWRDC expresses its appreciation of all those who support us in our efforts to restore our beautiful coastline.